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of our community,
for our community.

For generations, my community has been left behind. While other districts prosper, our towns are losing population, our schools are being abandoned, and our economy is slowly decaying. With young people leaving to pursue economic opportunity elsewhere, and with little incentive to bring new industry into our communities, our district has steadily become one of the poorest in the state.


As a third generation Waterproof resident, grandfather, and farm owner, I've witnessed this decline firsthand. I know the problems that need to be fixed because my family has faced them; I know the struggle of our community because my family is that community.


But, I also know that these issues can (and must be) fixed. I'm not a politician - I'm a farmer, a son, and a parent who cares deeply about the future of our community. Our district needs leaders who will listen to the people, and do what's right to fix the issues that plague them.


My name is Jamie Davis, and I'm running to be your next State Representative.

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As a third generation Waterproof resident, I know that I have the experience to fight diligently and compassionately for our district. When I'm elected, you have my word that I will continue putting our community first... just like my father and grandfather taught me.

But let me state the obvious: campaigning is a tough thing to doRestoring our community is an uphill battle, and we'll need all hands on deck if we want to take this campaign all the way to Baton Rouge. I'm the one running for office, but this campaign isn't about me - it's about building a better future for all of us. That's why I need your help to win.


I don't like asking for money, but winning an election is expensive. In a race this tight, falling even $50 short of our fundraising goal could put us on the wrong side of a make-it-or-break-it moment. So I have to ask - can you help me out?

Whether you can chip in $25 or $2500, or whether you want to help me knock on some doors, every bit of help we can get matters. It'd mean the world to me - and our community - if you could lend a hand.

Help out


"This isn't about politics.
This is about us.
This is about my home"
- Jamie Davis

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